Work landscape


Production of recycled plaster

Offer:Corporation Lars

The waste material of the collected gypsum board (including newly-constructed facings) is crushed.
Foreign substances were manually removed from the ground gypsum, and after removal, Load gypsum powder in flexible container.
Fix the separated gypsum board release paper with lap. This release paper is mainly discharged and becomes a raw material for recycled paper.
When sorted gypsum powder (gypsum dihydrate) is burned in the kiln, the water evaporates, producing hemihydrate gypsum.

Plant work

Mix cement and water to produce mortar, mix with rock wool and extrude with air.

Makibeier installation work

Winding Makibea (fireproof sheet) by electric welding to the steel frame.


Spray the cement generated in the plant work to the steel frame.
Adjust the thickness (25 mm / 1 h or 45 mm / 1 h) after spraying by pressing it with ironing.